Mikrotik Technology Features

Mikrotik Technology Features
Mikrotik RouterOS is a software manufactured by a software company based in Latvia. It offers a WiFi Hotspot capability which operates with specific wireless cards on Linux operating system and a few APs, it also allows working with a wide range of vendor’s standard Wireless Access Points such as Dlink, Engenius, Senao, Cisco, e.t.c.

Mikrotik Technology Features
Mikrotik Technology Features

Mikrotik RouterOS has a lot of features and advantages with its HotSpot that makes it stand out from other router ware;
1. You have full control of your network from where ever you are;
2. You have the ability to bind your network for security reasons;
3. You have the ability to allocate bandwidth and also allow different privileges to each computer on your network;
and a whole lot.

with Mikrotik RouterOS you can successfully operate a wireless Internet cafe with just a single server computer. All you need is an Internet service (with reason bandwidth), a server computer, an AP, and your wireless devices to broadcast your signal.

Mikrotik bandwidth throttling system allows you to throttle bandwidth for individual user on your network. Thus, you can prevent your hotspot users from using all of your bandwidth even if a number of users simultaneously download large files they dont affect each other. I call it flexibility!

Mikrotik RouterOS has a Radius system that helps you control your client billing and authentication. With the hotspot rule enabled on your (mikrotik) server, the program automatically take charge of your network access control.

Mikrotik hotspot program has a login page that pops up whenever any user tries to browse via your network. The page can be customize to display your information (like company name and contact detail) making it visible for anyone that receives your signal from afar to identify and locate you. The program also allows you to generate and print ticket just like you will do with any other cafe client manager program.

To get this ware working to its full functionality you need the service of a knowledgeable professional. For further detail, visit Kattiehs IT&C Troubleshooting Solution – Mikrotik Consultancy or Contact Kattieh’s IT&C Troubleshooting Solution