YoungKin Romantic – K Dynasty Promotion

YoungKin – Is a Liberia Underground Artist who is making his way to the top in this difficult Liberia Entertainment.The Artist first show his face on a Kollabo with LIB Tro and Francis B in “Hide and See”.YoungKin is known for his continues pressure in pushing his Musical Career and he’s out with “Romantic” Produced By: Genius. Download MP3 Here Continue reading YoungKin Romantic – K Dynasty Promotion


After watching this you will HATE Justin Bieber!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED) Justin Bieber worst moments rude to fans. Justin Bieber angry at fans and yells at fans during concert. Justin Bieber no pictures with fans. Justin Bieber won’t take a picture with little person. Justin Bieber ignores fans and Justin Bieber says Selena Gomez used him for fame. Continue reading Justin Bieber!! (WORST MOMENTS EXPOSED)